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SHELTR: The Ultimate Self-Custody Wallet for Ghost

We are very excited to announce the release of Sheltr, a new mobile wallet powering the next generation of Ghost’s ecosystem. Visit to upgrade your Ghost experience now!

Original link: SHELTR: The Ultimate Self-Custody Wallet for Ghost | by Ghost | Apr, 2023 | Medium

SHELTR is not just any mobile wallet, it’s a PWA (Progressive Web Application). PWAs are known for their awesome features that make them feel like native apps, and SHELTR is no exception. It has a seamless and smooth user interface that makes it easy to use for everyone.

SHELTR is built from the ground up to be a mobile app, with a native app look and feel, and it runs on anything with a modern web browser — including gaming consoles. And, because it’s a PWA, you don’t need to download any app from the app store. You can simply add SHELTR to your home screen and it will be there, ready to use whenever you need it.

SHELTR offers a robust, decentralized, and distributed node network called SHELTRPointe. This network ensures that you always have access to the Ghost blockchain, even if some nodes go offline. This makes SHELTR one of the most reliable and secure wallet options for Ghost.

But security doesn’t stop there. SHELTR offers 100% self-custody, with all keys and addresses generated and stored 100% on the user’s device. And, all stored data is encrypted using AES encryption techniques. SHELTR also features mnemonic recovery words that are compatible with ghost-core, meaning that you can easily import and export your wallet data.

SHELTR also supports coldstaking with one-click activation, making it Ghost’s easiest-to-use wallet. You can easily change your staking pool, and never lose track of your AGVR status thanks to the AGVR tracking feature in the wallet.

SHELTR supports QR code scanning and generation, as well as URI payment support, both in text and QR code form. Plus, it’s fully translated into 19 languages and offers fiat value conversions for over 50 currencies.

But we’re not stopping there. Future upgrades to Sheltr will include an interface for interacting with the bridge to the polygon network, full anonymous transaction support, and a DEX trading interface to name a few.

SHELTR is now the ultimate self-custody wallet for Ghost, and it’s the culmination of several months of hard work and research. Add it to your home screen today and experience the future of Ghost wallets.

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