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DERO Network Update

Network Disruption Resolution.

On March 11, 2023 the DERO network suffered a chain split due to issues with developer controlled seed nodes. These nodes act as an anchor for network participants to uniformly sync with the rest of the blockchain network. Since services have yet to be restored, the blockchain remains split, which includes a chain that is stuck (seed nodes) and a heavier chain that has more mining activity. Since DERO utilizes proof-of-work consensus and the absence of our seed nodes, all network participants are left to choose which chain to follow.

Together with various esteemed members of our community, we have collectively decided to move forward with the heaviest chain as we continue to restore service to our seed nodes. Below, you will find instructions on how to get your node up and running by using community and foundation hosted public nodes.

Original Link:

UPDATE (3/19/2023): The DERO network is no longer reliant on seed nodes. The latest release provides these updates. The following solution is no longer required.

Remote Node (Wallets)

The default remote nodes are also down, so you will need to specify a node address when launching your CLI wallet. Instead of using the ‘- -remote’ argument, run your wallet with the following arguments:


Or specify in your connection settings when using Engram.

Daemon (Node)

Run your daemon with the following arguments:


./derod-linux-amd64 --add-priority-node= --add-priority-node= --add-priority-node= --add-priority-node=


./netrunner --add-priority-node= --add-priority-node= --add-priority-node= --add-priority-node=

Alternatively, you can download the following files and place them in your mainnet folder:

You can right-click and “Save As” each file above, or visit the repo:

Please note: You may need to replace these files before each launch of your daemon.

Below is a list of public nodes that are available:

  • (MySrvCloud)
  • (MySrvCloud VA)
  • (RabidMining Pool)
  • (deronfts)
  • (mmarcel-vps)
  • (DeroStats)
  • (pieswap)


Moving Forward

During this time, the decision has been made to keep exchange wallets in maintenance mode for the time being. We will send out further communication once we have an ETA of when they will become available.

We also aim to eventually remove the use of seed nodes in the future, but our young network and on-going development may require their usage for a bit longer. There are also plans to prevent such issues in the future, which will be provided at a later date. We were delighted to see solidarity win in the end and could not have done it without the help of our community.

We would like to take this time to thank the DERO community again for their efforts and patience during this time.

Privacy together.

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