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Beam Wallet 7.3 Released

Another bustling week in the Beam ecosystem, with exciting developments and progress on several fronts. Today, we will be covering updates on the Beam Wallet, Beam Messenger, the Accumulation phase, and high-frequency transactions (HFTX), along with some highlights from the community.

Let’s dive in!

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Beam Wallet 7.3 Released to Dappnet

We’re pleased to announce that Beam Wallet 7.3 has been released to Dappnet. This update includes several improvements, bug fixes, and new features, including the ability to disable auto-lock, view transaction details, and see the total balance in the transaction history. We encourage Beamers to update their Dappnet wallets and try out the new features before mainnet release.

Beam Messenger is Live on Dappnet

We are excited to announce that Beam Messenger is now live on Dappnet by way of the 7.3 release. This is the first version of Beam Messenger, and we encourage the community to play around with it, message their friends, and have fun. If you encounter any bugs or have feedback, please let us know. It is great to have private finance and communications right from within the Beam wallet, and this is only the beginning!

DEX Accumulation Phase

The time is coming for the DEX launch and with it we get ready to launch the Accumulation Phase. This allow the community to commit liquidity to the DEX prior to swaps going live, and of course be rewarded for doing so. The User Interface is undergoing improvements and some bugs being squashed prior to kicking off. Stay tuned for the launch announcement!


There was another small bug found in the HFTXs and how they operate within the Mimblewimble protocol when it comes to the ordering of txs in the block. The fix has been made and now contract invoked kernels are placed at a specific position in a block with regards to other non-standard kernels. Although the bug was rare, and often had no consequences, the fix will allow for a smoother experience for all Beamers!

Beam Space

The last Beam Space was a great one! We dived in to the questions from the community, and talked about the Beam Web Wallet, and adoption of crypto and Beam. Thanks to all those that joined!

The upcoming Beam Space we are doing things a little differently. We will be heading over to Beam Africa for them to host the weekly Beam Space. We will take a look at what Beam has achieved so far, and where it’s heading in the future. The Beam Africa crew promotes education, privacy, and of course Beam in the African continent, and are an indispensable addition to the Beam community. Let’s show them our support with a huge turnout to the space!

Wrapped Ghost on Polygon is now live!

Wrapped Ghost on Polygon is now live! $WGHOST Contract Address: 0xb5e0CFe1B4dB501aC003B740665bf43192cC7853 Head over to to bridge your MainNet $GHOST over to the Polygon Network!