A New Era for Monero: RINO Launches B2B Self-Custody and API Solution

New York, NY, Dec. 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — RINO is the only enterprise wallet for Monero that has multi-signature security. Designed for teams and organizations, RINO provides features such as spending limits and four-eye approvals. Monero is the number one privacy-focused cryptocurrency in the world. While Bitcoin and Ethereum reveal every transaction to the world, Monero’s […]

A New Era of Integration: Ghost & Polygon Bridge is now Live!

After several months of dedicated development, thorough testing, and rigorous code review, we are thrilled to unveil our decentralized two-way bridge with the Polygon Network!  Original Article: https://ghostbymcafee.medium.com/a-new-era-of-integration-ghost-polygon-bridge-now-live-7dedd616e643 This groundbreaking bridge not only marks a significant milestone for our project but also opens up a world of possibilities within Ghost’s expanding ecosystem. With this new addition, […]

Wrapped Ghost on Polygon is now live!

Wrapped Ghost on Polygon is now live! $WGHOST Contract Address: 0xb5e0CFe1B4dB501aC003B740665bf43192cC7853 Head over to https://nonkyc.io to bridge your MainNet $GHOST over to the Polygon Network! $WGHOST is also trading on Uniswap V3 live now!

Binance caves to pressure over coin listings, scoring a win for privacy

Privacy advocates scored a big win in June with Binance’s announcement that it was backtracking on a decision to delist privacy coins for users in a number of European countries. Original Link: https://cointelegraph.com/news/privacy-advocates-win-binance-buckles-under-pressure As a result of the move, users in Italy, Poland, Spain and France will be permitted to continue trading tokens including Zcash, Monero, Decred, […]

Privacy as a Service: Bringing the Power of Secret Network to all Blockchains

Secret’s privacy-preserving computation is becoming accessible beyond the borders of its own network, powered by cross-chain communication protocols like IBC and Axelar GMP! Original Link: https://scrt.network/blog/privacy-as-a-service Secret Network is a powerful platform, enabling developers to build privacy-preserving decentralized applications that wouldn’t be possible elsewhere. As a layer one smart contract blockchain built on the Cosmos […]

Binance to delist privacy tokens in France, Italy, Spain and Poland

Cryptocurrency is going to become less private in Europe as the major exchange Binance is preparing to delist all privacy tokens in countries like France and Italy. Starting from June 26, privacy tokens, such as Monero or Zcash, will no longer be available for trading for Binance customers in France, Italy, Poland and Spain. Original […]

Raptoreum’s SmartNodes

A new generation of blockchain nodes that provide enhanced security and scalability, enabling sustainable network growth and the development of decentralized applications without compromising efficiency.     Original Link: https://medium.com/coinmonks/raptoreums-smartnodes-fa1bf48b9a3d     What are SmartNodes and how do they work? Raptoreum’s SmartNodes soar as formidable protectors of the blockchain network, ensuring secure and reliable cryptocurrency […]

Update Announcement: Enhanced Functionality for PRCY Toolkit

Introducing new capabilities to manage remote PRCY QT wallets and daemons seamlessly. Also, enjoy the flexibility of using the Toolkit on a Virtual Private Server (VPS). Original Link: https://t.me/prcyupdate/575 Exciting features include: 1️⃣ Remote PRCY QT Wallet Management: Easily manage your PRCY QT wallets remotely, checking balances, monitoring transactions, and sending/receiving coins regardless of your location. […]

BlackHat Coin Burns 250000 Tokens, Driving Deflationary Tokenomics and Empowering Investors

In a groundbreaking move to solidify its deflationary tokenomics model and empower investors, BlackHat Coin executed a highly anticipated burning event today. On May 17, 2023, a remarkable 250,000 BlackHat Coins (BLKC) were permanently removed from circulation, sparking a wave of positive impacts on the project’s ecosystem and creating exciting opportunities for investors. Original Link: […]

The Secret Tunnel Bridge is Live on Mainnet

Secret Tunnel is a new bridge powered by Axelar, bringing improved decentralization and security for bridged assets. New and improved Secret Tokens are also live! Original Link: https://scrt.network/blog/secret-tunnel-bridge Hello Secret Community! We’re excited to announce that Secret Tunnel is now live on mainnet! This new network bridge, powered by Axelar, replaces our old Ethereum and […]